Luminor was created as a result of merger of two banks Nordea and DnB and it still shows – when the customer in Latvia or Lithuania is redirected to banklink dialog then she first needs to choose whether she is ex-Nordea or ex-DnB customer and is able to confirm the payment only in the right system In Estonia DnB was not active in retail banking and never developed a banklink which makes the Luminor payment process in Estonia much easier to handle and develop compared to other two countries. In Latvia DnB had rather small market share but in Lithuania it used to be a major bank. In Estonia Luminor retail market share has been lately overtaken by LHV but it still remains relevant market participant and is known to target the affluent middle class that can also look attractive to many online merchants.

Luminor calls its banklink service E-payment in Estonia, Luminor Link in Latvia and E-Commerce (Banklink) in Lithuania.


Regardless whether you only want to use only exDnB or exNordea or both Luminor banklinks you only need to have one MakeCommerce agreement for which you can apply here. There is no need to open a Luminor bank account


The simplest way is to use our official plugins for WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop Opencart, Shopify to enable Luminor banklink payments. In case you decide for custom API integration then then payment method logo can be loaded from and