SEB has developed banklink solution in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and it remains a widely used payment method in the Baltics. The bank has named the service bank link in Lithuania and Estonia but e-Link in Latvia. SEB is one of the major retail banks in all 3 markets although not the biggest one in any of the countries.


Regular MakeCommerce agreement is sufficient for accepting SEB banklink payments on your website. You can apply for an account here. There is no need to open an account in SEB if you use our service.


Our MakeCommerce plugins for Magento, WooCommerceShopify or other platforms offer a simple way to display SEB banklink payment method on your checkout page. Note that technically the banklink standard is not uniform in Estonia, Latvia and Lihtuania but this is not really a worry to our customers as our API translates the all the banklinks to look technically the same for merchant system. Anyone using custom API integration can load the payment method logo to your checkout from


Use our Developer Portal or Test mode of our plugins to check out how the payment flow works before going live