Offer ultimate convenience and speed

Apple Pay is likely the most convenient way to pay for online purchases. Payment confirmation is unprecedentedly fast – a quick glance at your phone or a touch of a finger, and the payment is successfully completed. Compared to traditional bank payments, paying with Apple Pay is up to three times faster, taking only a few seconds! Payments can be confirmed on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Mac computers, and Apple Watches.

Show dedication and modernity

Consumers are increasingly preferring Apple Pay due to its ease of use and security features. By allowing your customers to pay with Apple Pay, you demonstrate your commitment to offering top-tier technology and a modern, customer-focused approach. This boosts both trust and the number of loyal customers.


Top-level security

Apple Pay is designed with strong security features to protect both merchants and customers. Every transaction requires customer authentication through biometrics (Face ID, Touch ID) or a secure PIN code, ensuring that sensitive payment information is neither shared nor stored.

Apple Pay comes with card payments

Receiving Apple Pay payments through MakeCommerce is extremely simple. All you need is to have card payments activated. Unlike many of our competitors’ services, you don’t need to sign up with additional service providers to use Apple Pay. If your online store does not yet accept card payments, please contact our customer service at

Integrating Apple Pay into your e-shop

If you are using one of MakeCommerce’s official modules, Apple Pay will work out of the box. However, for custom integrations, there are several ways to add Apple Pay to your e-shop. For more details, please see the integration guide.