Selling points

Collect payments globally

Attract customers from all over the world by adding our simple and intuitive credit card payment method. We can accept Visa and MasterCard payments and your online store will receive the payment confirmation immediately.

Allow customers to buy now and pay later

Even with the bank links available many Baltic customers prefer to use credit cards for higher purchase amounts.

Flexible and intuitive

Our secure and intuitive credit card form can be integrated directly to your checkout page so that customers can complete the payment without leaving the store.

3D secure

We use 3D secure to reduce the fraud and chargeback risk. Additional security filters can be configured upon request.

What our customers are saying

  • Inga Priedite

    Owner /

    We stopped searching for better payment gateway provider since we met Maksekeskus

  • Teet Torim

    Co-founder /

    Integrating every bank separately would have taken more development time, sign-up fees and hassle to handle all the different bank accounts. That’s the kind of extra work we did not…