Selling points

Convenient mobile payment

Your customers will have the advantage of fast and convenient purchases with the mTasku app on their smartphones. Scan the QR code given during the purchase and confirm payment. No PIN-code is required if the purchase is less than 25 euros.

Available to iOS and Android

mTasku app is available to IOS and Andriod smartphones. Find it on the App Store or Google Play. Multiple debit and credit cards can be added and suitably chosen during purchase.

Simple integration

No extra integration is required to start using mTasku if you are the user of the Official MakeCommerce™ module, payment gate, and Simple Checkout. Accepting open card payments with MakeCommerce is a prerequisite.

Electronic receipt for every purchase

After every successful payment transaction, an electronic receipt is provided to the customer. Therefore the customer has a clear overview of the purchase history, also sends receipts to the chosen e-mail address.