Swedbank banklink is a popular e-commerce payment method in the Baltic States that allows the consumer to log on to their internet bank account and confirm a prefilled payment. Swedbank is the biggest retail bank in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania therefore providing payment solution to Swedbank’s customers is vital for any online merchant that wishes to Baltic markets. An alternative to the banklink would be serving those consumers with card payments but be aware that significantly more consumers in Baltics tend to prefer banklinks to card payments.


You can accept Swedbank banklink payments using standard MakeCommerce service agreement. If you have not signed the agreement yet then you can apply for it here. Depending on the country and your field of operation we may have to ask for bank’s confirmation before activating your payments but this normally does not take more than 3 working days max. You do not need to open a Swedbank account.


You should have no problem using Swedbank banklink with our e-commerce plugins available for WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify or other platforms. If you are using custom API integration then payment method logo can be loaded from https://static.maksekeskus.ee/img/channel/lnd/swedbank.png


Use our Developer Portal or Test mode of our plugins to test the general flow of the payment method.