Woocommerce Subscriptions is probably one of the easiest way to start accepting regular payments as WordPress and WooCommerce come essentially free and Woo Subscriptions which is compatible with our official MakeCommerce plugin module costs less than 200€.
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WooCommerce Subscriptions functionality includes:

  • defining various payment schedules depeneding on your business needs, including sign-up fees and free trial periods
  • automatic billing, which supports a number of payment method including Maksekeskus MakeCommerce recurring payments
  • automatic e-mails, invoices and notifications.
  • automatic retries for failed payments
  • automatic subscription suspension if payments fail
  • manual renewal payments support (the customer needs to log on and initiate new payment)
  • various reports to monitor the number of subscribers, period turn-over etc

Setting up recurring payment product:


Some general settings: