Please complete the following steps in order to start using our service:
1. First, please review and complete all sign-up requirements listed below.
2. If you wish, you can prepare sales conditions for your e-store using our sample as an example.
3. Check out our pricing.
4. Fill out the sign-up form!

Note, if you are a service provider, please review our requirements for service providers here.

Your online store should meet the following requirements in order to use our services:

  1. Company name, address and customer support contacts must be found easily, including e-mail address or phone number
    – Company name, address and contact info must be clearly stated and found easily either from the homepage or a link to a “Contact” page.
  2. Products and services are clearly described and if possible, with images
    – All the products and services must have a clear and unambiguous description.
    – Products must have all the measurements, including weight, material and colour, if applicable.
    – Description content and product qualities cannot differ essentially between different language versions.
  3. All available payment methods and currencies are listed
    – The webpage has a clear description of payment methods and currency in which payments are accepted.
    – All transactions made through Maksekeskus AS are done using Euros
  4. Terms and Conditions must be clearly stated including general-, purchase-, return- and delivery policy.
    – There must be a link to Terms & Conditions in the homepage.
    – Terms and Conditions must cover both purchases and returns.
    – If for some reason returns are not possible, it must be clearly stated and explained.
    – Delivery methods and delivery times have to be clearly stated.
  5. There must be a link to the Privacy policy on the homepage separately from Terms and Conditions
  6. Customer must have the possibility to read and accept all the terms and conditions before final confirmation of the payment
    – Before placing the order, the client must be able to find terms and conditions linked both from the homepage and on the checkout page.
    – On the checkout page, the client must be able to mark that they have read terms and conditions.
  7. Your store/webpage is ready
    – Products/services are listed and accessible
    – There are no “Page not found” pages, fictitious text and all language versions are translated correctly.
    – Products and services descriptions cannot differ in different languages.
  8. Importing and reselling requirements
    – If store/website sells products that are being resold, imported and/or belong to a member of an affiliated company, you must be able to present proof of purchase (purchase invoices) or valid partnership agreements.
  9. The company must not have any tax debt to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board

If some of the requirements are not yet met we can only open a test account.

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