Customers want flexibility

Buy now pay later (BNPL) is one of the biggest trends in e-commerce and it’s growing in the Baltics as well. Offering BNPL payments your customers can pay for their purchases in parts over time. Our BNPL offering includes both the trending slice-type of payments, pay next month solution as well as traditional pay by instalments. Each serves its purpose.

Grow your sales

Allowing your customers to pay in smaller parts encourages them to make bigger purchases. You’re also able to attract potential customers who without BNPL might not make a purchase at all. A widget displayed in the product view gives an example of payment terms making it easy for customers to make purchase decisions.

Mandatory if you sell expensive products

The BNPL payment method will be displayed at the e-store checkout for purchases from 30 € in Estonia and 50 € in Lithuania. The average purchase price paid with BNPL is 150-300 €. If you sell consumer electronics, clothing and fashion, accessories, furniture, leisure goods, children’s goods, car parts, BNPL will play an important role for your e-shop.

Risk free for the merchant

If the customer chooses to pay for the purchase with BNPL, similarly to other paid payments, the merchant will receive the money in full amount immediately to their MakeCommerce account. There is no need to wait for the installments to be received. The process of making returns is also no different. Should the client have any problems with the payment schedule, this will be resolved between the client and the financier.

Available buy now pay later methods

MakeCommerce BNPL options in the Baltics.

Inbank pay next month Pay in full on the 25th of the next month No fees or interest to consumer
Inbank pay in parts Pay in three equal parts, so called slice No fees or interest to consumer
Liisi hire purchase (currently not available) Traditional hire purchase Fees and interest apply
Moki 3 Pay in three equal parts, so called slice No fees or interest to consumer
Mokilizingas Traditional hire purchase Fees and interest apply


All BNPL solutions are available through a single MakeCommerce integration.