Selling points

Add to any website

The donation form can be added to any website, regardless of platform. Wordpress, Voog, Wix and other platforms are supported. The required code lines can be obtained from the MakeCommerce self-service, so that they can be entered on the website where the donation form can be displayed.

Define the donation amounts

In the donation form, the donor can choose from three amounts you specify or enter the amount to be donated yourself.

Different projects and goals

If you collect donations for different purposes and causes, you can create separate projects for each. This way, the donor can choose exactly who to donate to. You have the overview of each project in the MakeCommerce self-service environment.

Gather donors contact details

Every donor can leave their e-mail address during the donation process so that they can contact him / her later and inform about the progress of the donation project, for example. This will create a closer relationship with donors.

Favorable transaction fees

For non-profit organisations we offer favourable terms with a transaction fee of 1.5% + 0.15 €, maximum 3 € per transaction.