Selling points

Define the desired amount

The wizard in our Merchant Portal lets you define the donation amount as well as text displayed on the button. No web design skills needed. Simply copy & paste the generated HTML snippet to your web page (use Text tab on your WordPress editor)

No one off or monthly fees

Unlike banks we do not charge any fees for signing the agreement. There are also no monthly fees for using your local banklinks. Thus this solution is also suitable for NGO-s that collect donation only seasonally. If you don't have any donations in a given month then we don't charge you any fees either.

No need to open new bank accounts

Maksekeskus can collect payments from all the local banks and all you need is just one bank account in any EU bank you like.

Get a breakdown of your supporters

You can download a detailed Excel file with the information who has donated money for your cause. Donors id codes are included in the report if such information has been available from respective bank.