There are ready made integration modules available for popular e-commerce platforms, also known as ‘extension plugins’ or ‘payment plugins’. These modules are the fastest and easiest way to integrate your e-shop with MakeCommerce™ platform and start accepting banklink and card payments. It usually takes less than half an hour to install and configure a plugin without advanced IT skills. Some of the modules are developed by our partners who sell and support them independently (i.e.

Official MakeCommerce™ modules / plugins:

MakeCommerce platform payments shipments Simple Checkout demo details monthly fee
  Magento 2.0 Yes Omniva, SmartPOST, DPD No demoshop here €10-15


Omniva, DPD, SmartPOST

Yes  demoshop  here €10-15
 OpenCart  Yes Omniva
Yes demoshop  here €10-15


Yes  demoshop here €10-15


Cloud platforms that support MakeCommerce payments

World’s leading e-commerce platform Integration guide
voog Estonian webpage and e-commerce platform
Estonian-based e-commerce platform
Estonian-based e-commerce platform
mycashflow logo Finland-based e-commerce platform
Estonian-based e-commerce platform
Accounting platform
Booking platform


Third party integration modules (contact respective developer for support)

Platform  Developer Demo
  Magento 1.9 E-abi plugin demoshop