The Test Environment is a safe sandbox where you can explore and learn how our systems function without worrying about messing up your real account at MakeCommerce / Maksekeskus.

Some notes:

  • We use bank-link emulators and test-cards here. There is no real money involved, so no worries. You can explore the whole process.
  • To test credit card dialog use one of the test cards below
  • The test version of the Merchant Portal has greenish header – to visually distinguish it from the real one
  • Payout processes are disabled in the test. Thus the balance of a Shop in Test Portal is always growing
  • Invoicing process is disabled, there are no invoices displayed in test environment
  • The identifiers and API keys are different in the Test and Live environments – so please be careful and do not mix them up

Test shops

For testing payments you can use the test-shop listed below (test environment):

  • 1234567890 – banklinks and card payments enabled
    • Shop id = f7741ab2-7445-45f9-9af4-0d0408ef1e4c
    • API secret key = pfOsGD9oPaFEILwqFLHEHkPf7vZz4j3t36nAcufP1abqT9l99koyuC1IWAOcBeqt
    • API publishablekey  = zPA6jCTIvGKYqrXxlgkXLzv3F82Mjv2E


Test accounts and credentials

For most of the banklinks available in the emulator there is no authentication needed (login dialogs are skipped)
For the rest please use the credentials below:

Finland Nordea Code Card: User ID=123456 Code=1234
Finland Danske Use your own user ID for testing. Payments will not be charged on your bank account
Finland Handelsbanken Credentials are displayed within the dialog

Test Credit Cards

There is a set of test cards you can use in our test environment (and Demo Shops). They do not function elsewhere.

Selection of 3D Secure testcards:

  • 4012001037141112 (Expiry date – any date in future, CVC – any 3 digits)
  • 5168830759303438, expiry date 10/24, CVC 418, 3DS password Secret!33
  • 5168830721419445, expiry date 10/24, CVC 528, 3DS password Secret!33

To test 0-amount payments aka save card data for later use (the functionality must be activated from Maksekeskus side first), please use the last 3 cards.

Cards to test specific use-cases (Visa)

  • 4012001037490014 – Valid 3-D Secure Message With Embedded Whitespace Characters (API error 1036: 3d secure field extraction from PaRes failed (946))
  • 4012001037141112 – Successful Authentication via 16-digit PAN (OK)
  • 4012001037167778 – Successful Merchant Attempt via 16-digit PAN (OK)
  • 4012001036275556 – No Response From Visa Directory Server (API error 1036: Authorization failed)
  • 4012001038443335 – Cardholder Not Participating (OK – fallback to regular payment)
  • 4012001038488884 – Unable to Verify Enrollment
  • 4012001036298889 – Invalid Response from Directory Server (API error 1036: Authorization failed)
  • 4012001036853337 – Invalid ACS Digital Signature (API error 1036:  3d secure field extraction from PaRes failed (946))
  • 4012001036983332 – Expired ACS Signing Certificate (API error 1036:  3d secure field extraction from PaRes failed (946))
  • 4012001037461114 – Authentication Failure (API error 1036:3d secure authentication failed (182))
  • 4012001037484447 – Authentication Not Available (API error 1036: 3d secure field extraction from PaRes failed(946))
  • 4012001037490006 – Invalid Payer Authentication Response (API error 1036:  3d secure field extraction from PaRes failed (946))

The 3DS authentication simulator (Poseidon bank) password is secret.