Payment terminal on a smart device

The MakeCommerce POS app for Android smartphones makes accepting card payments particularly convenient. Accept contactless payments at markets, fairs, pop-up shops or, for example, at a food truck using your NFC-enabled Android phone or tablet. Customers can pay with a bank card, phone or smart watch.

Conventional payment terminals without rental fees

Card payment terminals are usually offered with a rental fee, plus a transaction brokerage fee. This is not the case with us. Our terminals are free of monthly rental costs, thanks to which annual savings can be up to 230 euros per terminal!

A monthly minimum bill of 19 euros per terminal applies to conventional payment terminals.

There are no fixed costs of any kind

Only the transaction fee applies to payments received with MakeCommerce POS app. There is no fixed or minimum monthly fee and the app itself is free to download and use.

Integrate with POS systems

The card payment terminals offered by MakeCommerce can be integrated with a large number of popular POS systems. This way, you don’t have to enter the amounts to be paid manually, they come directly from the cash register system making payments more convenient and faster.

Stationary or portable

Depending on your needs you can either choose a stationary or portable terminal. The first is wired and can be used at a desk while the other is battery-powered and allows you to move around to accept payments.

Continue with your current bank

Our customers don’t need to open new bank accounts just to accept card payments. We make payouts to any IBAN account meaning you can continue using your favourite bank.

Get a quote

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