Bring your e-shop and brick-and-mortar shop payments together

With MakeCommerce you can bring all of the transactions together. No more switching between different providers and/or bank accounts to get the full picture of transactions. A payout from MakeCommerce includes transactions from both online and physical store making it a lot easier to manage.

Stationary and portable options

There are two types of terminals available – stationary and portable. Stationary is suitable for shops, where payments always take place, for example, at the cashier. Stationary terminals are wired and can’t be carried around.

Portable terminals are better suited in situations where at least some movement is required. For example multiple cashiers share one device. Terminals are wireless. Portable terminals are go-to solution for restaurants, for example.

Learn more about the terminals.

Accept payments at pick-up

Some online shoppers prefer to browse and place to order online but like to pick the order up themselves at your location. Having POS payment option adds more flexibility by allowing customers to pay at pick-up. For less experience e-shoppers this adds additional sense of security.


Grow your business safely

Accepting only cash payments is not only inconvenient for the customer but also carries additional risk for the merchant. Reduce the amount of cash while also growing your business as more and more people don’t carry cash or wallets for that matter.

With MakeCommerce terminals, people can also pay by phone using Apple Pay or Google Pay. And in most cases card payments is the only payment method used by tourists.

Learn more and apply now

Existing customers of MakeCommerce can request a terminal through our self-service environment by submitting a request to create a new store and selecting a payment terminal as the desired payment method.

New customers can submit an application to join MakeCommerce by selecting the desired payment solutions here.

The transaction fees are specified in the price list.