What to do to start using our services?

  1. First, please make sure that you are not selling any forbidden goods/services on this list and then review and complete all sign-up requirements below.
  2. Check out our pricing.
  3. If all requirements are met, complete the sign-up form.
  4. (In case all the requirements are not yet met, we can open a test account.)

If your business is selling items, please review the requirements for merchants.

Your web page has to meet all the following requirements:

  1. Company name, address and customer support contact must be found easily, including e-mail address or phone number.
    – Company name, address and contact info must be clearly stated and found easily either from the homepage or a link to a “Contact” page.
  2. Services are clearly described.
    – All the services must have a clear and unambiguous description therefore the Customer is aware of the essence and details of the service.
    – Description content cannot differ essentially between different language versions.
  3. Terms and Conditions are clearly stated including general-, purchase-, return- and delivery policy.
    – There is a link to Terms & Conditions on the homepage.
    – Terms and Conditions must cover all the seasonable details about service like place, time, etc that the Customer has to be aware while using the service.
    – Terms and Conditions must cover returns and Customer options to withdraw from the contract or/and waive the service.
    – If for some reason returns are not possible, it must be clearly stated and explained, links to legislations are preferred.
    – For digital services, Terms & Conditions must cover how the service becomes available for the Customer.
  1. Terms and Conditions describe clearly payment methods and accepted currency.
    – The homepage has a clear description of all the provided payment methods and accepted currency for payments.
    – Payment methods include MakeCommerce as a service provider for purchases and MakeCommerce is stated as a link  www.makecommerce.net. It is recommended to have the link opened in a new window.
    – It is good to know, that payments made using MakeCommerce are calculated in euros and purchase amounts withdrawn from Customers accounts are also in euros (except for if you have chosen other currency for transactions – only available for credit card payments).
  1. There is a link to the Privacy Policy on the homepage separately from Terms and Conditions
    – Privacy Policy is easily accessible also from Terms and Conditions. For example, there are links to Terms and Conditions, Payment and Delivery and Privacy Policy on the homepage.
    – Purposes of managing personal data, the composition of data being managed, methods of management and agreements of sharing personal data to third parties must be stated in Privacy Policy.
    – The Customer has a clear overview that the service provider is responsible for data management and shares Customer personal data with an accredited payment processor MakeCommerce to make payments.
  1. The Customer must have the option to read and accept all the Terms and Conditions before confirmation of the payment
    – Terms and Conditions for purchase and returns must be available for Customers from the homepage and in Checkout before confirming the payment.
    – In case services provided on the web page are purchased via third party platform (f.e booking system), Terms and Conditions must be available for the Customer to read, or direct links must be provided to make Terms and Conditions available to read for the Customer.
  1. Your webpage is ready
    – All offered services have clear descriptions available.
    – No empty pages or “Page not found” pages. All translations to different languages are correct and identical.
    – The description of the services is similar in content.
    – The web page doesn’t have to be opened to the public (it can be protected with password etc), but to confirm that web page meets all needed requirements, access to MakeCommerce must be provided
  1. Be ready to specify the essence and details of your services, also the capability to provide it.
    – If needed, the service provider must agree to explain the essence of the service and capability to provide it.
  1. The company must not have any tax debt to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board


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