Sell globally

Collect payments from anywhere in the world by allowing your customers to use their debit or credit cards. Payment confirmation is immediate so you can ship the purchase or offer the service with confidence.

Allow the customer to use the credit

Our experience shows that the average card transaction amount is higher than the average bank link transaction. Credit card payment is a convenient solution for a customer who does not want to withdraw the entire amount from the current account at once to make a larger purchase. This makes credit card payments attractive to local customers as well.

Flexible and convenient

With our solution, it is easy for your customer to start a payment in the e-store shopping cart view. The purchase process is fast, which increases the probability of a successful purchase. With card payments activated, you can also offer your customers very convenient Apple Pay payments. You can add to your shop one-click payments and recurring payments.

3D Secure

We make the collection of payments secure through 3D Secure – a highly secure solution which reduces the risk of chargebacks and fraud.