Convenience and speed

The payment link allows the customer to pay for the purchase as conveniently as in the e-shop. The payment link and the transaction contain the necessary information for the merchant, such as the invoice number or reference, in order to have an accurate overview of the payments received. That’s why many merchants add a payment link to an invoice or email, for example. It is also convenient for the customer – you do not have to log in to the internet bank to complete the payment order manually.

A number of different payment methods

At the payment gateway, the customer can pay by bank payment or card payment. As an option, buy now pay later (BNPL) payment methods can also be offered to private customers. The service provider only needs one bank account to accept all payments.

Available to all mercants

The payment link is a unique URL that can be created in the MakeCommerce s self-service environment or, if desired, manually. Learn about the requirements for e-shops and service providers and fill in the application form to join.

Integrate with Merit Aktiva

The payment link can also be added to invoices issued from Merit Aktiva. Following the simple instructions, you can integrate Merit Aktiva with MakeCommerce in couple of minutes. A payment link is automatically added to all emails you send invoices with. If you use another solution for sending invoices and still want to add the payment link automatically, please contact us.