Payment process flow

  • the buyer has reached to the check-out page on e-shop site
  • the shop presents the selection of payment methods available
  • the buyer makes a choice and proceeds to payment
  • the shop registers a new Transaction in MK-API and directs user to the selected payment channel – either redirects to bank-link or launches the Credit Card Dialog
  • the buyer submits the payment in the channel, beneficiary is Maksekeskus AS.
  • on return to the e-shop (return_url) MK systems pass the payment details to the e-shop
  • the shop displays payment confirmation message to the buyer (or goes back to selection of payment methods)
  • additionally MK systems send asynchronous message about the payment to e-shop (notification_url)
  • later Maksekeskus AS will transfer collected payments to the shop bank account according to the settlement terms agreed (Payouts). Maksekeskus will deduct the service fees from the amount transferred.


Before you start:

  • during the development and testing period you could use our  Test Environment
  • The API keys you need during development you can get from the Merchant Portal (test environment). To get your account open in the Portal please write us
  • Note that availability of some features for the Shop depends also on settings managed by MK administrator (full set of bank-links, credit card payments, OCP etc)
  • There is a tool for developers to quick-start with our API: api-explorer
  • There is also a PHP SDK library available in github