This plugin adds our payment methods to your WooCommerce shop. But not only – it will also add Omniva, Itella SmartPOST automated parcel terminals and DPD Pick Up Network as delivery methods.
Plus it automatically registers shipments to the carrier’s systems and allows you to print parcel labels right within the WooCommerce shop.
Our plugin supports Multi-lingual WooCommerce shop based on WPML.

Getting it

The plugin is available at

NB! The plugin requires minimum Woocommerce 2.6 (shipping zones)

Setting it up

You can install the plugin directly via WordPress Add-Plugin installation dialog, searching for MakeCommerce plugin.
After installation and plugin Activation proceed to enter API keys needed for MakeCommerce integration:

Payment methods

Our plugin adds the “MakeCommerce” option under the Checkout settings of your WooCommerce shop.
It adds a number of bank-links and credit card payments to your shop, depending on the plan of your subscription with
You can slightly configure how the payment methods are presented in the check-out dialog – change size of bank logos, hide the country selector (flags) etc.




The plugin adds an easy way to make refunds to the orders paid through MakeCommerce.


Shipping Methods

The plugin adds three shipping methods to your shop:

  • Omniva Parcel Machine
  • SmartPost Parcel Machine
  • Omniva Courier
  • SmartPost Courier
  • DPD Pickup Network

Woocommerce Plugin and Shipping methods

The shipping methods follow the generic logic of WooCommerce Shipping Zones – you can define their availability and price per zone as well as purchase amount threshold for free shipping.
NB! Free shipping is calculated without VAT. So for example if you want to offer free shipping to Omniva parcel machines when purchase amount is more than 12€ (including VAT), then in settings you should mark free shipping from 10€.

managing shipment methods

In product settings, it’s possible to mark some of your products as not suitable for parcel machine shipment. If this option is chosen, then parcel machines will not be displayed in checkout. It’s also possible to allow free shipping to parcel machine. In this case, if no other products are added to cart, then shipping cost is displayed as 0€.


The plugin provides your shop with automatically updated lists of the Automated Parcel Terminals of Omniva, SmartPost and DPD pickup network. You can somewhat configure how the list of terminals are presented on your checkout page.


Integration with SmartPost, Omniva and DPD systems

The plugin can automatically create shipments into and systems when the order has been paid.
Once this automation is activated you can print out the package labels right form the shop administration panel (orders view).
You can select all orders in Processing state and with one click print out Omniva, Smartpost and DPD shipment labels mixed.
Voila_Capture 2016-06-30_01-05-22_PM

For this to work you have to sign up and create user accounts for your business at and and then configure the plugin with username and password of those accounts.
NB! you must enter your web services username and password, not the credentials you use to log in to Omniva.

The mediation of Omniva parcel machine delivery

For WooCommerce we offer a solution that allows you to send packages using Omniva parcel machines without having to sign a business client contract with Omniva. The service must be activated from Maksekeskus self service portal (menu Settings > Services). Each package costs 3€ regardless of size and shipping costs are automatically calculated from your store’s Maksekeskus account. If you wish to use any other shipping method, then you need to sign a contract with the carrier.

To configure this service, in your store admin panel (Woocommerce settings > Advanced > Makecommerce API > Omniva) configure the contract to “use Makecommerce transport mediation service” and fill out the return (sender) address. NB! Return address must contain a valid mobile number that starts with country code (e.g +372) and does not contain spaces.


For sign-up go to
You will be assigned an account manager, you will find contacts in Omniva e-service.
Send your account manager an email pointing that you want to apply for WebServices account.
Once you get your WebServices account username and password, use them in the plugin’s shipment method configurations settings for the integration.
Choose “use my own Omniva contract” as contract type.
For Omniva it is important to fill out the return (sender) address. NB! Return address must contain a valid mobile number that starts with country code (e.g +372) and does not contain spaces.

If configured, the plugin will automatically create a new shipment in system.
The shipments going to parcel machine are created as “Parcel machine service” with “Parcel arrival SMS” and “Parcel arrival e-mail” (code PA+ST+SF). You will see the shipments listed in e-service (under the list of shipments) only after they have physically handed over to Omniva.

For the Ominiva Courier service you have 2 options – hand the packages over in Omniva Post Office (QP) or take the packages to a parcel machine (PK). You also have to enter your Omniva WebServices username and password and fill out the return (sender) address.
Omniva courier shipments registration options

The service type is B2C – no manual work or confirming is needed (or even possible) in Omniva business customer e-service.
You will see the shipments listed in e-service (under the list of shipments) only after they have physically handed over to Omniva.
You (and your customer) can track the shipment anytime on webpage.

For sign-up go to sign-up form.
Once you get the username and password use them in the plugin shipment method configurations settings for the integration.
If configured, the plugin will automatically create a new shipment in system when the order gets paid. You will see the SmartPost shipment number in order details.
You can see the shipments created also in self service interface.


DPD Interconnect

First you need to sign agreement with DPD. Once you have the agreement you heed to ask DPD for Interconnect account (contact your account manager or Enter Interconnect user name and password into plugin settings. After that the plugin is able to automatically register shipments to DPD system after the order has been paid through Maksekeskus MakeCommerce.

Parcel labels can be printed from orders view. Call DPD for courier once you are ready to hand over the parcels.

Recurring payments

This plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions


Downloading, installing and updating of the plugin is free. A monthly fee is charged as described in the pricelist if the plugin has been used during the month.