Our advantages

Add Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish bank links and Visa/MasterCard payments to your online sales platform without the need to sign contracts with multiple different banks.
Start collecting payments quickly by signing one simple contract. You only need one bank account and one integration to use all the services that we offer.
We have no contract or sign-up fees. Traditional banks charge contract fees that will make your initial costs much higher.
One-click and recurring card payments are available for merchants who rely on repeat customers or service plans
The refunds are free and they only take a click of a button in our Merchant Portal
Get a quick overview of all your transactions in our easy-to-use Merchant Portal.
Our API integration enables you to import all transaction data directly to your accounting program. The refunds process can be fully automated, too.

How it works

Use Make Commerce Sign contracts with banks
Contracts 1 ~20*
Bank accounts needed 1 ~20
Sign up fees 0 € At least 487.92 € **
Refund fees 0 € Depending on your banks price list

* When signing contracts directly with different Baltic and Finnish banks
** According to the banks’ price lists as of April 16, 2018