Selling points

One contract, one integration

Pay later solutions are part of the contract with MakeCommerce, there is no need for separate contract. Pricing is based on the same principle as the bank links.

No delay in payments

While the customer chooses to pay in parts over a longer period of time, the merchants gets the full value of purchase as with any other payment method - straight way.

Refunds are easy and free

Refunds are handled exactly the same as in case with bank links or card payments. Like always, refunds with Maksekeskus are free.

Three unique solutions

Slice - purchases between 75 and 800 euros can be payed in three equal parts without any interests or fees. When choosing to pay with Slice, customer is introduced with digital application and payment will be completed in a few minutes. Slice is a service provided by Inbank AS, available in Estonia.

Liisi ID - one of the most known payment by instalments brand in Estonia. Customers are able to complete the payment after signing an online application. Provided by Holm Bank AS, available in Estonia. Interests and service fees apply.

Finora Credit - a credit line option, which can be used to pay for purchases in any online shop accepting Finora Credit. Contract will be signed with the first purchase. Provided by Finora Capital AS, available in Estonia. Interests and fees apply.