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E-store and brick-and-mortar store payments under one roof


MakeCommerce has been the leading provider of payment solutions for e-shops in Estonia and the Baltic countries for ten years. Now, taking a new big step forward, we offer payment terminals for brick-and-mortar stores in addition to e-store solutions.

This is good news especially for those merchants who have both an e-store and a regular store – all transactions under one roof mean easier business and smoother work processes. On the other hand, you can start using the services of MakeCommerce even without owning an e-shop.

Both among our current and future customers are companies that have one or two brick-and-mortar stores in addition to the e-store. By offering payment terminals in addition to modern e-store payment methods, we create a complete solution for receiving and managing payments for the merchant,” said Art Lukas, CEO of the company.

Because all payments are processed through MakeCommerce, the merchant has an overview of all payments and can easily distinguish between e-store and regular store transactions. A daily payout includes both e-store and brick-and-mortar transactions. In addition, the accountant’s daily work will be easier since e-store and brick-and-mortar payments can be calculated on the same basis.

“Today, the majority of leading businesses have multiple sales channels. This trend is also followed by smaller companies that want to build customer loyalty by serving both in e-channels and through traditional stores. Omnichannel developments are easier and more reliable if the merchant has one strong partner who can rely on both,” he adds.

Customers of MakeCommerce can request a payment terminal by contacting our customer service. New customers can indicate their interest in terminals by submitting an application on our website.