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Grow your business with Apple Pay


We are pleased to announce that Apple Pay has been added to our payment methods! All of our customers with activated card payments in their online stores can now accept Apple Pay transactions. The new payment method will automatically appear in the store’s payment options.

Apple Pay is an extremely convenient way to pay for online purchases. It is also secure, as each transaction requires customer authentication either through Face ID, Touch ID or a PIN code. To confirm a transaction, a quick glance at the phone or a touch of a finger is enough, and the payment is successfully made.

Compared to traditional bank payments, making a payment with Apple Pay is up to three times faster, taking just a few seconds! Payments can be confirmed on iOS devices such as Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

Apple Pay complements the range of payment methods provided by MakeCommerce, ensuring comprehensive support for successful e-business. Historically, nearly 80% of online shopping in the Baltics has been conducted through bank payments (payment initiation service and bank link), with card payments accounting for 5-15%. However, the adoption of Apple Pay is driving an increase in card payment usage. Consequently, merchants should adapt to this growing demand by accepting Apple Pay, even in shops that operate solely within the local market.

Consumers increasingly prefer Apple Pay due to its ease of use and security. By enabling your customers to pay with Apple Pay, you demonstrate a commitment to innovative technology and customer-centric service. For payments made with Apple Pay, card payment service fees will apply.