Easiest way to accept payments

All you need to accept card payments is an Android smartphone or tablet. Sign up to MakeCommerce, download the app and your customers can pay with a simple tap. It can not be any easier!

Completely safe

The MakeCommerce POS application meets the highest security requirements and is risk-free for both the payer and the merchant. The application is certified by both MasterCard and Visa.

Ideal for small and mobile merchants

Accepting payments with an smart device you already have is an ideal solution for merchants who move around a lot or have few transactions. With the phone already in your pocket, you can accept payments at various events such as fairs, fairs, cafe days, concerts, but also at a permanent point of sale if the number of transactions is rather small.

95% of bank cards are ready for contactless payments

Almost all of the bank cards issued in the Baltics are ready for contactltess payments. To pay, customer only needs to tap their card to your phone. And when needed, they can enter the PIN code safely without any worry about the security.

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Device requirements

To use MakeCommerce POS app your smart device needs to run Android 11 or later. You’ll also need to have NFC and Google Mobile Services available on your device.