Selling points

Same, but different

Payment initiation service (PIS) allows to accept payments from internet banks. In a way it's similar to widely popular bank link, but in fact is a different solution with somewhat different end-user experience. Merchants should be aware of the differences before deciding which solution to use.

Please have a look at a side by side comparison video demonstrating the similarities and differences between the two solutions.

Flexible pricing

Payment initiation service comes with flexible pricing. With maximum transaction fee of 4 euros, you never pay more than that for a transaction. See the price list for details.

Combine with a bank link

You can use the payment initiation service to accept payments from all banks or combine them with a bank link to ensure a better user experience. For example, accepting payments from Swedbank with a payment initiation service, while Luminor uses a bank link.

Payment initiation service is available for the following banks operating in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia: Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Luminor, Šiauliu Bankas.

We continue to offer other banks with a bank link.

One active, the other in reserve - do not lose a customer

Technical problems with the bank links are very rare. If necessary, the payment initiation service can be temporarily and operatively switched to the bank link or vice versa. In case of technical problems, it is automatic and does not interrupt the payments in the e-shop.

It is therefore safe to try PIS with MakeCommerce to make sure it is suitable for your business.