The bank link remains in reserve

In order to receive payments, MakeCommerce’s customers prefer to use a newer and cheaper payment initiation service. Unfortunately, banks also have more technical problems with the newer service. Therefore, we keep the traditional bank links for merchants in reserve and use them when there are temporary technical problems with a particular bank’s payment initiation service. This option is currently not offered by any other payment solutions provider.

Mitigating risks

This functionality is critical for stores with high transaction numbers and volumes. Automatic switchover helps to ensure that payments and customer service continue in the event of technical issues. Similarly, the service is automatically available for e-shops with smaller volumes, so that one does not have to worry about the payments working properly.

Smooth switchovers

The switch to a bank link or payment initiation service is seamless for both the merchant and the end customer. The switch to an alternative bank payment solution takes place on the side of MakeCommerce, so nothing needs to be changed in the interface and settings of the merchant’s e-store.

Since the user experience of the payment initiation service is very similar to using a bank link, the switchover is smooth and unnoticeable for e-store customers as well. In order to make a payment, the customer is always taken to the already familiar bank environment, where payment confirmation takes the same amount of time for both the payment initiation service and the bank link.

The history of switching is visible in the self-service environment of MakeCommerce.