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Use your smartphone to accept payments!


We have good news to share! And especially for those with an Android smart phone in their pocket. Now you no longer need to rent a terminal to accept card payments, but you can use your smart device!

Using a smart device as a POS terminal is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who need to move around a lot. It is perfect for use at various events such as fairs, concerts, as well as at permanent points of sale if the number of transactions is rather small.

Accepting payments with your Android phone is easy. Open the MakeCommerce POS application on the phone, enter the amount to be paid, and ask the customer to swipe the bank card near the phone’s NFC chip. You can also use your phone or watch to pay. Upon successful payment, the customer receives the receipt by scanning a QR-code or by e-mail. The application keeps a detailed record of all transactions.

To accept payments with a smart device, sign an agreement with us, download the free MakeCommerce POS mobile application to your device, and you are ready to accept contactless payments anytime, anywhere. The app is verified by MasterCard and Visa and is risk-free for both merchant and customer.

Are you interested in the app and would like to try it? Let us know here!