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How to keep e-shop payments always working?


Customers who have been with MakeCommerce for a long time know that we occasionally switch from the payment initiation service to the bank link service. But why do we do it, and how does an e-merchant benefit from it?

Most of our customers prefer a newer and cheaper payment initiation service as an alternative to bank links. Unfortunately, banks have more technical difficulties with the new service, so in case of difficulties, payments are switched from the payment initiation service to the bank link.

Switching to an alternative bank service ensures that the payment acceptance and the customer service are maintained. Since the switchover is initiated by MakeCommerce, the merchant generally does not have to change anything in his/her e-store settings. Customers receive information about switching through the MakeCommerce status page, or in case of more extensive failures, we also send the information by e-mail.

Consistent service mitigates risks

Switching to an alternative service is beneficial to all merchants, but it is especially important for online retailers with a high volume of transactions. It ensures uninterrupted e-store payments and offers seamless shopping to its customers. As a result, visitors are more likely to return to the e-shop and purchase goods repeatedly.

Switching to an alternative banking service is not offered by any other payment solution provider on the market.