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MakeCommerce is now available on Wix!


In an exciting development for businesses in the Baltic and Finnish regions, MakeCommerce is pleased to announce its integration with Wix, the renowned cloud-based web platform that is powering many e-commerce businesses. MakeCommerce module on Wix is set to streamline online transactions, providing businesses with a reliable and efficient online payment solution.

We are proud to be the first Baltic online payment service provider to offer seamless integration with Wix. What sets this integration apart is its simplicity – no additional services or tools are required. This native integration ensures a smooth experience for businesses of all sizes.

For Wix-based online businesses, this partnership opens up new possibilities. They can now effortlessly accept payments from Baltic and Finnish banks, Visa and Mastercard card payments, and offer customers the convenience of ‘buy now pay later’ options. This comprehensive approach is particularly significant in the region, where bank transactions account for a substantial 80% of all online commerce activities.

The ease of integration is a standout feature. With just a few clicks, businesses can incorporate MakeCommerce into their Wix-based websites, enhancing the payment process for their customers. This user-friendly approach is designed to improve the overall online shopping experience.

Beyond the streamlined payment processing, MakeCommerce also offers added value to its customers. For example, businesses can issue refunds free of charge – again, a standout feature.

MakeCommerce is committed to ongoing improvement and will update the module as new features might become available to ensure that our merchants have access to the best payment solution on Wix, tailored specifically for the Baltic and Finnish market.

Learn how to integrate MakeCommerce to your Wix-based online business.