This plugin enables you to accept Visa /Mastercard payments as well as banklink payments from Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian banks such as Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Citadele. See full list of banks here

Where to get

Our plugin is still on beta stage and not published in Shopify marketplace. The app can currently be installed via this link

How to set up

  • Go to
  • Enter your Shopify store name and click “Install”. Note that the end part of your store name is already filled and you need to enter only the first part.
    • If your store name is, then only enter xxx

  • Read and agree to terms by clicking “Install unlisted app”. This is a warning, that you are about to install unofficial plugin.


  • Next you are redirected to Shopify Apps section. Click on the “MakeCommerce payments for Shopify” link.


  • Fill the fields with your company data (name, registration code, VAT nr) and with your Makecommerce store ID and keys.
    • Live API keys can be found in Maksekeskus merchant portal
    • If you want access to testing API, please contact
    • If you wish to test payments choose TEST for “current environment”, if you want to accept real payments, choose LIVE. Make sure API keys are correct!

  • Save changes and after that click the “Click to install Makecommerce gateway to Shopify store” link at the top of the page.
  • Agree to terms again, by clicking “Install payment provider”

  • You are redirected to Shopify Payment providers page. In “choose alternative payments” find MakeCommerce. Enter your shop name, Makecommerce Secret key and save.
    • If your store name is, only enter xxx
    • API Secret key can be found in Maksekeskus merchant portal.
    • NB! If you wish to use the test mode and avoid Shopify transaction fees, please check the “Enable test mode” box. But you must remember to remove it when going live!

  • Shopify integration is done!
  • Last step to start accepting payments, is to add Return/Cancel/Notification URLs in MakeCommerce merchant portal
    • Return URL –
    • Cancel URL –
    • Notifications URL –

Please fill the fields exactly like shown on the image and note that the connection method has been set to POST.

If during the payment you receive a Forbidden error then that indicates wrong API keys or that Shopify store name is wrong. Please recheck the settings.


PS – here’s a helpful hint how to add “Terms and conditions” checkbox to your store