This plugin enables you to accept Visa /Mastercard payments as well as banklink payments from Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian banks such as Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Citadele. See full list of banks here

Where to get

Our plugin is still on beta stage and not published in Shopify marketplace. The app can currently be installed via this link

How to set up

  • Go to
  • Enter your Shopify store name and click “Install”. Note that the end part of your store name is already filled and you need to enter only the first part.
    • If your store name is, then only enter xxx

  • Read and agree to terms by clicking “Install unlisted app”. This is a warning, that you are about to install unofficial plugin.


  • Next you are redirected to Shopify Apps section. Click on the “MakeCommerce payments for Shopify” link.


  • Fill the fields with your company data (name, registration code, VAT nr) and with your MakeCommerce store ID and keys.
    • Live API keys can be found in Maksekeskus merchant portal
    • If you want access to testing API, please contact
    • If you wish to test payments choose TEST for “current environment”, if you want to accept real payments, choose LIVE. Make sure API keys are correct!

  • Save changes and after that click the “Click to install Makecommerce gateway to Shopify store” link at the top of the page.
  • Agree to terms again, by clicking “Install payment provider”

  • You are redirected to Shopify Payment providers page. In “choose alternative payments” find MakeCommerce. Enter your shop name, Makecommerce Secret key and save.
    • If your store name is, only enter xxx
    • API Secret key can be found in Maksekeskus merchant portal.
    • NB! If you wish to use the test mode and avoid Shopify transaction fees, please check the “Enable test mode” box. But you must remember to remove it when going live!

  • Shopify integration is done!

If during the payment you receive a Forbidden error then that indicates wrong API keys or that Shopify store name is wrong. Please recheck the settings.

Adding shipping methods

Besides payments MakeCommerce extensions also allows you to add shipping methods avoiding the need to install a separate extensions for that. Before adding new shipping methods add “TOS (Terms of Sale) url” to Apps > MakeCommerce.

Make sure you have also set your store’s Terms and Conditions URL in Maksekeskus self service portal in menu Settings > General settings.

If you do not wish to use shipping solutions via Maksekeskus, then do not add any shipping methods.

In the MakeCommerce App it is possible to define shipping methods and prices for countries:

  • Omniva parcel machines (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  • DPD parcel machines (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden)
  • Itella SmartPOST parcel machines (Estonia, Finland)
  • Courier (Europe, Worldwide – including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden)
  • Store pick-up (Europe, Worldwide – including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden)

To integrate:

  • Visit the shipping settings on your Shopify store (https://yourshop/admin/settings/shipping) and disable all current shipping methods. This is very important, as having multiple shipping extensions causes errors.
  • Add shipping methods by country. Please note, that currently MakeCommerce shipping is designed for merchants who ship to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden.

  • Add a new shipping method only when the previous steps have been completed
  • After adding the first shipping method, please test it. If something is not working, please delete the shipping method and contact our support.

In checkout by default shipping cost is displayed as “Free” to customer, but in reality shipping cost is calculated in last step of checkout. To make this part less confusing for customer, in your store admin panel go to Theme > Actions > Edit Languages > Checkout&System. Filter out “free” and change “free total label” and “free rate label” names to something else, for example “calculated in payment step”.

Shopify checkout should then look like this:


  • Shipping is created as a separate transaction in Shopify:

  • In admin view, the order will be shown as following:

  • Your customers will see the complete information regarding the order as follows:

  • For the next step you’ll need to remove the shipping address from the e-mail template. To do that go to (replace yourshopurl with e-poe domain) and remove the following. This is important, because the shipping address will be added later after the actual transaction is made on Shopify. This could potentially cause confusion for the client.

If you have followed the guide above correctly, you should now have working payments and shipping methods in your Shopify store. To add a new shipping method go to Apps > MakeCommerce > Shipping methods  >”Add new Shipping Method” and fill out the required fields.

  • From Shipping Label Settings you can create an integration with Omniva systems to automatically register parcels and print parcel labels.
  • From Create Labels you can see shipping orders and create/print parcel labels
  • Failed Shipments shows shipping orders that for some reason fail. From here you can see the reason, fix it and register the parcel again.
  • Free shipping rule allows you to set free shipping minimum amount. NB! This applies to all active shipping methods!

If you are selling digital products and do not want shipping to be shown in checkout, select “Disable shipping for non-physical products”.

  • If shipping is disabled for digital products and product is not marked as physical, then shipping methods are not shown in checkout.
  • If order contains both physical and digital products, then shipping methods are always shown regardless of this parameter state.

Integration with Omniva SmartPost and DPD systems

Omniva transport mediation service

For Shopify we offer a solution that allows you to send packages only within Estonia from Omniva parcel machine to parcel machine without having to sign a businessclient contract with Omniva. The service must be activated from Maksekeskus self service portal (menu Settings > Services). Each package costs 3€ regardless of size and shipping costs are automatically calculated from your store’s Maksekeskus account.

To configure this service, in your store admin panel (Apps > MakeCommerce > Shipping Label Settings) configure the contract to “Enable Omniva Integration: Yes” and  “Transport mediation service enabled in Merchant Portal: No”. Also fill out the return (sender) address. NB! Return address must contain a valid mobile number that starts with country code (e.g +372) and does not contain spaces.

Omniva Webservices contract

  • For sign-up go to
  • You will be assigned an account manager, you will find contacts in Omniva e-service. Send your account manager an email pointing that you want to apply for WebServices account.
  • Once you get your WebServices account username and password, use them in MakeCommerce app Shipment Label Settings menu. Configure the contract to “Enable Omniva Integration: Yes” and  “Transport mediation service enabled in Merchant Portal: No”.
  • For Omniva it is important to fill out the return (sender) address. NB! Return address must contain a valid mobile number that starts with country code (e.g +372) and does not contain spaces.

If configured, the plugin will automatically create a new shipment in system.
The shipments going to parcel machine are created as “Parcel machine service” with “Parcel arrival SMS” and “Parcel arrival e-mail” (code PA+ST+SF). You will see the shipments listed in e-service (under the list of shipments) only after they have physically handed over to Omniva.

he service type is B2C – no manual work or confirming is needed (or even possible) in Omniva business customer e-service.
You (and your customer) can track the shipment anytime on webpage.

For sign-up go to sign-up form.
Once you get the username and password use them in the plugin shipment method configurations settings for the integration.
If configured, the plugin will automatically create a new shipment in system when the order gets paid. You will see the SmartPost shipment number in order details.
You can see the shipments created also in self service interface.

DPD Interconnect

First you need to sign agreement with DPD. Once you have the agreement you heed to ask DPD for Interconnect account (contact your account manager or Enter Interconnect user name and password into plugin settings. NB! Remember to select integration country! After that the plugin is able to automatically register shipments to DPD system after the order has been paid through Maksekeskus MakeCommerce.

Parcel labels can be printed from orders view. Call DPD for courier once you are ready to hand over the parcels.