Should you want to collect periodical, recurring fees – i.e. monthly membership – we have a solution for recurring credit card payments.

The flow

  • the shop clearly expresses to the user that he/she user is about to join a recurring payment programme.
    If a regular e-commerce platform is used then the product title should also clearly express it – i.e. ‘Fitness club monthly membership’
  • the shop invokes MK credit card dialog with recurring-payment options.
    The price should also be expressed as per period – i.e. ‘9.99€ / month’
  • the buyer confirms his/her consent by making a check-mark to the acceptance statement. The text is provided by merchant as dialog parameter and should clearly express recurrence – i.e. “i wish to automatically extend my membership”
  • the user fills in the credit card data and on successful authorization a ‘multi-use payment token’ is passed to shop. The shop stores the token and uses it later on to automatically make payments over MK API without user involvement.

Activation of the service

  • Let us know of your interest on it, write us to
  • Once you have prepared the systems on your side, we would like to review the dialogs of recurring service payments setup
  • All good – we’ll activate the service for the shop

Technical details

Presumingly you are familiar with our Credit Card Dialog.
When the dialog is used for recurring payment it is returning the shop a ‘multi-use payment token’.  The token is associated with the specific credit card and with specific Shop only. The shop can store it and use this later on to take payments according to its own business logic.

First Payment

To get a ‘multi-use’ payment token the Credit Card dialog should be invoked with additional parameters:

HTML property name JavaScript option name Description
data-recurring-title recurringTitle Title of the subscription/recurring payment the customer is subscribing for. The definition of this option triggers the Checkout form to display recurring payment details.
data-recurring-description recurringDescription Description of the subscription/recurring payment the customer is subscribing for. Include here information about recurring payment amount, interval, etc.
data-recurring-confirmation recurringConfirmation Confirmation text shown next to the approval checkbox for the customer to accept recurring billing.

On successful low the dialog will pass back to the shop page the token with additional parameters :

Field name Type Description Constraints
paymentToken string Token ID
paymentTokenMultiuse boolean Whether the customer confirmed the token for recurring use String values, true or false
paymentTokenValidUntil date The date until which the token can be used for recurring payments Date format: 2016-10-27

Verify it and store in your own database for later use.

Following payments

Once you have got and stored the customer-specific multi-use token, you can use it later to take payments according your own business rules.
For this:

  1. create a new transaction over the MK API
  2. create a payment for this transaction using the token you have

Note that API may return negative response to the payment request.
There may be various reasons:

  • temporary financial problems  (customer limit exceeded) – you could try few days later around the usual monthly limit reset dates
  • temporary technical problems – you could try again in few minutes or few hours
  • various ‘fatal’ problems that make also the token useless (card lost/closed/expired etc) – you should send customer an e-mail and ask to renew his card data. the user should be directed to the Credit Card dialog as described for First Payment above.

More about possible error codes see: API error codes

Developers can seek more details about the integration in our api-explorer.