Convenient mobile payment

E-shop customers can pay for their purchases quickly and conveniently with the mTasku application installed on their smartphone. All you have to do is scan the QR code displayed when making your purchase and confirm your payment. Purchases of less than 25 euros do not need to be confirmed with a PIN code.

Available for both Android and iOS

The mTasku app can be installed on both Android and iOS phones. You can find it on Google Play or the App Store, respectively. You can add more than one debit or credit card to your application, and choose the appropriate one when you pay.

No separate integration needed

mTasku module is available with a MakeCommerce module, no additional development is needed. Available to all merchants with card payments enabled through MakeCommerce.

Electronic receipt for each purchase

The customer receives an electronic receipt for each purchase paid with mTasku. These are stored in the app but can also be sent via e-mail. This way, the customer has an accurate overview of the purchases made.