Selling points

Quick and convenient

Instead of logging in to their internet bank account and filling the payment order manually, your customer may choose a suitable payment method in MK Payment Gateway and purchase is made by few clicks – it is as convenient as shopping online. Simplicity also increases the amount of on-time payments.

Many different payment methods

All Estonian bank links, debit and credit cards are accepted in MK Payment Gateway. Additional payment methods to pay later are available for private customers. E-commerce provider needs only one bank account to accept all the payments.

For all the customers of MakeCommerce

The payment link is available for all customers of MakeCommerce. Read general terms for e-commerce providers and complete the application to merge. Integration is simple and within one contract – all chosen payment methods are provided.

Integrate with Merit Aktiva

Follow these simple steps and integrate MakeCommerce with Merit Aktiva with 10 minutes. The payment link is automatically added to all the e-mails with invoices. If you use any other program to send out invoices and would also like to include the payment link automatically, contact us.