Recurring payment

Perfect iIf you want to collect payments from customers at regular intervals. Payments from the customer’s credit or debit card are made automatically on a specific date, and the customer does not have to go through the entire payment process again each time. Both fixed-amount and merchant-initiated transactions can be made.

One-click payments

With our solution, your customer has the opportunity to save their card data, which makes each subsequent payment faster and more convenient. A convenient payment process increases the probability of successful purchases and thus the turnover of your shop.

How do recurring payments work?

Having added a product or service with a recurring payment to your e-shop and clearly worded it that way, the buyer must state that he or she agrees to the recurring payment when making the purchase. Upon successful authorization, the e-shop will return a ‘payment token’, which will allow you to initiate periodic payments.

It is important to understand that the MakeCommerce itself does not initiate payments. In order to make recurring payments, the corresponding command must also come from the merchant’s system. For example, the WooCommerce shops can use the WooCommerce Subscription plugin.

Turvaline lahendus

Tundlikud kaardiandmed ei läbi kaupmehe infosüsteeme, et mitte panna kaupmehele koormust kanda PCI DSS sertifitseerimiskulusid. Kaardiandmed on talletatud turvaliselt Maksekeskuse süsteemides.

Secure and worry-free for merchants

Sensitive card data does not pass through the merchant’s information systems not to impose a burden on the merchant for PCI DSS certification costs. Card data is stored securely in the MakeCommerce systems