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Card payments in Estonia without monthly fee until the end of the summer


With our special offer, Maksekeskus customers who have not yet accepted card payments in their online store, can do so without monthly fee until the end of August.

The practice of paying in an e-shop by a card is gaining popularity in Estonia. Therefore, it would be only advisable to accept card payments in your e-shop. It is quite wrong to think that it is only important when selling internationally. It is almost mandatory when selling outside of Estonia, however, a domestic e-buyer may also want to pay by debit or by credit card.

Our experience shows that the average credit card transaction is bigger than an average bank link transaction. This payment method is particularly convenient for those who would not want to pay the entire amount of money from their current bank account in case of a larger purchase. As credit card insurance is often included when purchasing durable goods, this serves as another incentive to use a credit card.

Making an online purchase by a card is extremely fast, even faster than with a traditional bank link. This in turn increases the likelihood of a successful purchase.

The summer campaign is valid for all new and old customers who do not yet have card payments in their e-shop. To enable card payments, contact customer service or fill in the application form.