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Finnish bank payments just got cheaper


We got good news to share! Accepting payments from Finnish banks just got cheaper thanks to the payment initiation service. The latest development also makes issuing refunds a lot easier.

Accepting payments from Finnish banks is now priced on the same terms as payments from Baltic banks.

Another piece of good news is the improved processing of refunds, which is now as simple and convenient as with transactions completed with other payment methods offered by the MakeCommerce. From now on, refunds to Finnish customers usually arrive the next day and do not require the customer to provide additional information. Issuing refunds can be done from the transaction view of your e-commerce platform or from MakeCommerce self-service environment.

In connection with the change, several new Finnish banks will soon be added. From December 31, payments cannot be accepted from Aktia bank customers. You can find a list of all supported Finnish banks here.

If Finnish payment methods are activated in your e-shop, they are automatically switched to the new payment initiation service. No additional development is required if your shop uses the MakeCommerce module. It is also not necessary to make changes if you use the dynamic displaying of payment methods with a custom integration. However, if the store displays the payment methods statically, you will have to remove the Aktia bank yourself.

If you want to add Finnish payment methods to your e-shop, please contact