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The gateway of Maksekeskus has got a fresh look!


The payment gateway of Maksekeskus has got a new fresh look! The new appearance hints at a change in our design language coming out soon. In addition to the new design, it is much easier now to start the payment with Kniks gift card.

The payment gateway is a solution where the preferred payment method is chosen at the payment gateway and not in the e-shop. The e-shop customer can be directed to the payment gateway both through the official modules of Maksekeskus or through their own integrations. The payment gateway of Maksekeskus is used in all Shopify stores.

The new Shopify experience

Starting from mid-June, a new Shopify integration which will also use the new payment gateway, will be available. Compared to the previous Shopify solution, the new payment gateway will be much more minimalistic and it will no longer require entering the buyer´s data or selecting a parcel machine. These two could be now found in the Shopify environment enabling making a purchase with a suitable payment method through the payment gateway quickly and smoothly.