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Welcome to Revolut!


We are pleased to announce that Revolut has been added as one of the payment methods of MakeCommerce! Thus, Revolut payments can be accepted by all MakeCommerce merchants. The new payment method appears automatically in the e-store payment methods selection, and is priced according to the terms of payment initiation service.

Revolut is particularly popular with younger users, especially in Lithuania, where the company is licensed. Thus, merchants who sell products in Lithuania should make sure that Revolut is included among the payment methods in their e-store. However, it has also users in Estonia, Latvia, and Finland.

This so-called new generation bank was founded almost eight years ago in England, offering a variety of services such as IBAN accounts, insurance, investment, and cryptocurrency trading. The company offers more than 50 services in total. Revolut employs nearly 6,000 people and has 25 million customers worldwide. The company was estimated to be worth more than €30 billion in 2021, making it Britain’s most valuable fintech.

MakeCommerce merchants can accept payments from a total of 26 banks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. You can find the full list here.