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With Indivy, pay for the purchase on the 25th of the next month


The Indivy pay next month BNPL (buy now pay later) solution offered by Inbank has been renewed. Instead of the day 15th, the payment deadline is now the 25th of the following month. This flexible payment solution allows the customer to get acquainted with the goods first, and if desired, return the goods before they have been paid for.

A new payment date will be automatically applied to all transactions made after 01.02.2022. Inbank has extended the payment deadline so that our customers would have enough time to fulfil their customers’ orders as well as process returns.

The change will not affect the payments made by Maksekeskus, everything will continue as before – the merchant will receive the money immediately.

Please pay attention to your Indivy product information on the web. If the payment date is the 15th, please change it to 25th.

Indivy payment solutions are available for all Maksekeskus customers.